Astra R-Nesting

Astra R-Nesting software

Astra S-Nesting

Astra S-Nesting software

Rectangular nesting software

Astra R-Nesting - Rectangular nesting software. Simple and intuitive tools found in this software enable users to: automatically nest the order, quickly edit cutting layouts by hand, calculate offcuts for further re-utilization, print reports and labels, output cutting layouts to CNC cutting machines. Read more ...

True shape nesting software

Astra S-Nesting - True shape nesting software. To accomplish this, Astra S-Nesting offers the following capabilities: import parts from the DXF files, automatically nest true shape parts, quickly and precisely edit nesting layouts, automatic calculate and edit cutting tool path, output NC-data to CNC cutting machine. Read more ...

Link to CNC machines

HOLZMA, Selco, CPOUT format, Giben, Mayer, Felder, Holz-Her, Schelling, SCM (Gabbiani), Casadei Busellato Macchine (SCM Group), Altendorf F45 Elmo, Bottero, DXF

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Nesting software

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Astra R-Nesting

Astra S-Nesting

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